Jewelry is a great gift to give your significant other and there are many occasions when the time is right. She loves jewelry, even if she has unusual styles and tastes than most. When your gift is one of jewelry, it touches a piece of her heart that is forever embedded to you for the thoughtful piece she’ll flaunt for a long time to come.

When should you visit one of the great custom jewelers near Washington DC to find jewelry that she’ll love? Any time that you want to score major brownie points is a good time to go to the jewelry store to find jewelry that will rock her world. Some of the best occasions when jewelry suits the perfect mood are below.

Valentine’s Day

This is the annual day of love and one that she expects you to make special. Don’t take any chances of failing to impress her and make sure the day includes a great piece of jewelry. Necklaces and rings are great on V-day if you want to show her how much she truly means to you. Expect the night to end in your favor when her special day includes a jewelry gift.


Christmas is a special time of the year for most people. But, choosing a great gift to give those on your holiday list is not easy, especially when it is time to provide your lower with something special. Why not alleviate the stress and choose a gif of jewelry? You cannot go wrong with jewelry on the holiday list during this most joyful time of the year. Make sure it is included on your gift-giving list.


Another year of being alive is worth celebrating, as she is sure to do when her big day rolls around. Make sure the day includes a jewelry gift so she knows that you are thankful that she is around to put a smile on your face. Birthdays deserve special celebration and when there is a piece of jewelry offered during the day, it is a day worth celebrating.


You should also make sure there is jewelry included during the gift-giving during an anniversary party. No matter how many years you’ve spent together, you should show her the happiness that she’s brought your way on the special day and gift her jewelry. A beautiful brooch or necklace works great for a gift on an anniversary.

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Final Thoughts

Jewelry has a way with her that you’ll love to see when she opens the box to reveal the gorgeous piece inside. The piece that she reveals doesn’t matter; it is the wonderful thought that counts this time. The occasions above are some of the best to give her jewelry, though as mentioned, there is really no wrong time to provide her with the gift. What are you waiting for? It is time to browse the jewelry for her to ensure that you find the pieces that will light up her world.